****Due to extreme weather conditions, we are backed up onphone calls and emails.  We are trying to do the best we can to get to all of them.  If you can not get throug by 5:00 PM, please try again each and every morning.  Thank you for your patience.****

****If you have placed an order for fuel, we are doing the best we can to get to all of the deliveries.  The deliveries will be made as soon as we can and might take a few days to a week to get too.  This is due tothe snowstorm and extreme conditions.  Thank you.****

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Fill out this form and click the "Place Order" Tab to send the order.  After we receive the order you will get a confirmation E-Mail indicating the order was received successfully.  Delivery will typically be done in 1-3 business days after order has been placed.  Minimum delivery order is 100 gallons.  Information in this form is protected with SSL Certificate Security Protection. Please make sure you fill out the directions box and all fields to help make the delivery more efficient.  Thank you.