Online Fuel is a local oil dealer with over 40 years of experience delivering fuel.  Online fuel was created to make ordering fuel easy and simple.  All deliveries are ordered with the "Place Order Form" and are paid for by a Credit or Debit Card prior to delivery.  Fuel deliveries are made by local fuel dealers contracted by Online Fuel.  Contracted deliveries are designed to keep the cost of delivery down, therefore saving you money with the price per gallon cost.  Click on the "Place Order" Tab and place your order today, that simple.  Deliveries are usually made in 1-3 business days after the order has been placed. An E- Mail will be sent back to confirm the order has been received.  Thank you.  
                                 DAILY DELIVERY SCHEDULE

 MONDAY           TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY          THURSDAY          FRIDAY


                               C.ELIZABETH       C.ELIZABETH             C.ELIZABETH         C.ELIZABETH

                               PORTLAND           PORTLAND                 PORTLAND             PORTLAND

                               SCARBORO          SCARBORO                SCARBORO            SCARBORO

                               S.PORTLAND        S.PORTLAND             S.PORTLAND          S.PORTLAND

                               BUXTON                CUMBERLAND           BUXTON                  CUMBERLAND

                               GORHAM               CUMBERLAND F        GORHAM                 CUMBERLAND F

                                                               FALMOUTH                                                  FALMOUTH

                                                               WESTBROOK                                              WESTBROOK

                                                               YARMOUTH                                                 YARMOUTH

                                                               N.YARMOUTH                                             N.YARMOUTH

  HEATING OIL $2.429                      K-1 KEROSENE 2.929
    HEATING OIL   $2.429                    K-1 KEROSENE   $2.929
   MONDAY         TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY       THURSDAY            FRIDAY

                                                                   ARUNDEL                                                        ARUNDEL
                                                                   BIDDEFORD                                                    BIDDEFORD
                                                                   BIDDEFORD P.                                                BIDDEFORD P.
                                                                   KENNEBUNK                                                   KENNEBUNK 
                                                                   KENNEBUNK P.                                               KENNEBUNK P.
                                                                   O.O. BEACH                                                     O.O.BEACH
                                                                   SACO                                                                SACO

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